OpenDocument Reader


View and modify OpenOffice files in Android


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OpenDocument Reader is a tool that allows you to view and edit any OpenOffice document from the comfort of your Android device, whether it be a mobile phone or a tablet.

OpenDocument Reader is compatible with many other apps that allow you to download documents directly, including Gmail, Dropbox or In addition, you can open any type of OpenOffice document: text files (ODT), spreadsheets (ODS) and even presentations (ODP).

Though OpenDocument Reader isn't directly affiliated with OpenOffice, this is a completely free, open-source app. So, it has some advertisements that allow its creators to make a little money off of it. Either way, these advertisements aren't at all intrusive.

OpenDocument Reader is an excellent tool for anyone who usually works with OpenOffice on his or her computer and needs to be able to view and edit documents directly from their his or her Android device.
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